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Looking at my blogs I’ve noticed that I have neglected to post anything written by Tamora Pierce, one of my all time favorite authors. This series is my favorite by her for many reasons. One, her heroin never gives up on her dreams. Two, she always finds a way to face her fears, and three, while she might have romances, she never lets them take over her life; she is a girl who is not afraid to stand on her own.

This series is called Song of the Lioness at it is about a girl named Alanna. Throughout this quartet we watch this young girl change and develop as she hides the fact that she is female in order to become a knight. If the wrong person found out that she was a girl she could be killed but becoming a knight is her dream. 

Pierce brings her readers into Alanna’s experiences, such as her first period, her first romances, she even shows girls that even if you are strong and tough, you can still want to dress up and look pretty every once and a while. She also explains through Alanna that, growing up, you won’t fall in love just once like all the other YA stories out there. Alanna falls in love at least three times before she truly finds the man that compliments and challenges her. 

These aren’t the only obstacles that Alanna must face; she has to fight her fears (literally), save the prince (her best friend), and save her kingdom and friends numerous times, all the while overcoming the angry glares she gets from most people because she’s a girl…and a knight. 

I love Alanna, and truthfully she is probably my hero. Never does she give up, never does she let a man distract her or let him become her entire world, and never does she let other people’s disapproval stop her from becoming what she dreamed of. 

Tamora Pierce has written series’ in two different worlds, this quartet is the first series in her Tortall world. There are three other series in this world, two of which Alanna makes appearances in (Protector of the Small, and Immortals). The Beka Cooper series is set before Allana’s time, which is about the mother of another character in the Song of the Lioness quartet. There is also a two book series called Daughter of the Lioness in which Alanna also makes appearances in because the books are about her daughter. These books are filled with strong and powerful characters that intertwine together and I highly recommend reading all of them…you should also read the books set in her other world Emelan.

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